Lyft with Eco-Friendly Electric Cars by 2025

Is there one can do to save the nature and environment? Yes, of course, there are many different things which we can make to make sure which can make us save the environment. Lyft has taken a step forward on being eco-friendly and now is on the course to try to bring down the carbon emission from its vehicles

The company has joined along with the other list of companies, states, and individuals who have committed to the Paris agreement on climatic changes. Lyft has made an affirmation of bringing changes so as to be able to lower the carbon emissions of the company. They have planned to reduce the emissions with its transportation at a whopping 5 million tons per year.

It is planning to accomplish this building the self-driving driving electric cars by 2025. When these cars will be set out on the roads, there is an assurance that there will be a drastic drop in the emissions of the carbon and help us to save the environment in a better way as well.

Most of the details related to this particular fleet are yet to know, but with the little bit of information which has been gathered, we can say that the company has planned to go on electric-only self-driving cars. Lyft will be launching a pilot program for self-driving later this year in Boston.

Apart from the fleet for autonomous cars, there are other kinds of fleets which the company is planning to work on as well. The company is working towards creating efficient and renewable resources for the new fleets as stated by Emily Castor, who is the director of transportation policy for Lyft.

The goal here which has been made in the Paris agreement is to bring down the emissions. In the agreement, it is clearly said FleetBip App that each country should be able to determine, plan and make a consistent report for the progress which they have made to alleviate the impact of global warning in the world.

With the changes occurring in the weather, it is evident that the world is actually heading towards destruction. On the other end, we can see that the world is moving forward with the flourishing technologies as well. It is high time that the people start acting towards the changes in the environment and make it a better place and save it for the future generations as well.

The only way to reduce the carbon emissions is to use the alternative which is electricity. When the cars can be powered with the help of current then there will be no depletion of the ozone layer and there will be a drop in the temperature as well. In that manner, we will be able to save the earth from the rising temperatures and destructing climatic conditions as well.

So, if we are going to use electricity as the fuel for the cars to be working. The sources for the current should be from renewable resources. In simple words we can say that it is counterproductive, we are saving the environment and also providing better transportation services for the people to use as well.

Lyft has signed “We Are Still In” movement earlier in this month joining the other tech companies who have already signed it like Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Target, and eBay. The companies have acknowledged following the conditions which have been put up in the agreement even though President Donald Trump has made a withdrawal on behalf of the U.S.

This affiliation includes the Americans who want to contribute towards a better world with around 9 states, 125 cities, 183 institutions of higher studies and over 900 businesses. Around 20 plus businesses belong to Fortune 500 and have a huge involvement in the U.S economy with the worth of around 6.2 trillion dollars.

Though the ride-haling organizations have taken a step towards creating and building the cars with electricity there is no information available on fleet tracking software how many of that kind of cars are going to be made in the near future. There is no information available on the number of electric cars which will be used in the pilot program of Lyft.

How many of cars will be working on the battery charge? How many of the cars will be under the self-driving category? There is list of things on which the company has been working on and the information related to these are yet to be revealed. The impact of the traffic congestion will definitely make a difference when the roads will be filled with self-driving cars.

Lyft’s rival Uber did lose the climate credibility due to the recent scandals and workplace harassment as well. Apart from that the CEO of the later Travis Kalanick has decided to take leave for around 2 weeks and has left the company to be run by 14 executives of the company as a few are new to their jobs as well. 

The co-founders of Lyft published a blog post, in which they have said that they are aiming to bring down the emissions of greenhouse gases by 26 to 28 percent of 2005 levels by 2025 as pledged by the former President Obama. Lyft’s has made a statement that the electric cars will run on 100 percent renewable energy sources. 

Estimation shows that by the year 2025, Lyft’s shared platform will be able to give 1 billion rides per year at the least. It is clear that the company is racing up the charts to be able to make it up to the mark which Uber has created over the years. The company started its ride-hailing venture around 4 years back and we can see the tremendous growth which the company has made so far.

In the recent past, the company bolstered its service in around 150 new cities in the United States. It is an undeniable fact that the company is far behind to what Uber has created, a fact to be considered here is that the latter is internationally renowned whereas Lyft is at present available only in the U.S.

The goal which the company has set for creating 1 billion rides by 2025 is earnest and the statistics show that the company had made around 160 million rides in 2016. In order to be able to accomplish the goal, the company has been making efforts on bringing in investors on board and makes the best out of it.

In February, the company disclosed the plans on testing with the automated electric Chevy Bolts in different parts as a part of the partnership made with General Motors. Apart from that Lyft has also made a link with Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous car making company which builds cars with explicit and advanced technologies.

These partnerships are definitely going to be of productive nature for the company to be able to make a profit with the sharing of data and the business strategies as well. The main aim of the ride-hailing companies is to make mobility less cumbersome and more effortless. It is clear that Lyft will be building and using cars which are environment-friendly and bring down the carbon emissions as a contribution to a better world for the future generations to live in.